Baby Hygge

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Baby Hygge…… Being swaddled or held close with a fair amount of deep pressure is probably one or the most soothing and regulating sensory experience you can give a tiny baby, as this supports their ability to self-regulate and aids neurobiological organisation, therefore creating a sense of inner and outer peace in their mind ,body […]


Tummy Time Stress

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Is Tummy Time Stressing Everyone Out??? Tummy time has become part of the standard advice given to new parents but it can be anything but standard when your baby just won’t tolerate it even for a few seconds. The very idea of it can cause new parents to break out in a sweat and create […]


Baby Crap

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Is your house in danger of being full of baby crap?…. I’m talking about all those flashing, noisy bits of plastic that cost you a small fortune and promised to stimulate your child’s brain and boost their  developmental and educational potential. Also all those cluttering pieces of equipment for swinging, sitting, bouncing and walking – […]



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The power of comfort – being cosy, snug, warm, pleasant, enjoyable – just some of the words that describe feelings of comfort Are you thinking about getting cosy now the nights are getting cooler, lighting a fire or snuggling in a blanket with your candles on and creating a cosy environment? Well you should because […]